How to train your new best friend, your dog

by Akshay Mirchandani

It is vital for all dogs and their human best friends to have good communication to ensure a healthy relationship. Attending dog classes is usually the best approach but it can be a costly one too. Also, each breed has different characteristics so the training might vary accordingly, but, here are a few tips that you can try at home with your canine companion to train them:

  1. A practical name

Giving your dog an appropriate, easy-to-pronounce name is very important as he needs to understand and recognise his own name. You must use his name as often as you can so that he gets familiar with the word whether it is while training him, or trying to get his attention. Continue praising him or giving him treats while saying his name so that he knows the word has a positive connotation. When your dog starts looking at you when you say his name, you know the job is done!

  1. Positive reinforcement

Your dog is going to respond the most when treats and praises are his reward. So, for every command that you teach him, whether it is “sit” or “walk”, make sure you shower him with something that he loves so that he knows this is good behaviour. If he bites or scratches or does something you don’t want him doing, you must use a slightly different tone than usual and keep saying “no” and withdrawing the treats so that they understand this is bad behaviour and to avoid it.



  1. Clicker training

A clicker is a small device that makes a small, precise noise when your dog performs the right action when he is given a command. They will start associating this sound with the arrival of a treat or praises and improve their behaviour in just a few days.

  1. Walks and Potty training

Initially, you may have to get used to seeing your dog “go” at home itself. But, this can be easily tackled with by placing newspapers over his urine or his poo so that the pup starts eventually associating the newspaper in such a way that he will only pee on the newspaper. After the pup is vaccinated and can be taken out for walks, place the newspaper outside so that they start “going” outside. They will then understand very quickly that they can answer to their nature calls is when they go out for walks.

Training your dog is a very special time as you both bond in a very unique way as you both start understanding each other and communicating. Be mentally prepared to be calm and patient as your puppy learns new words, habits and changes his behaviour over a period of time. It is advisable to call a professional for help but you always have us to answer all your queries! We aim to help you and your little one at all times. Best of luck!