Cat Furniture & Scratchers

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    Keep your cats occupied for hours with Scratchers to rub their paws against & jump around with poles & Scratchers. We also provide with furniture specific to cats as they deserve more than just a small part of our homes. 

    40 products
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    Cat Carboard Scratcher with Cat nip
    Rs. 600.00
    Allora Scratching Post
    Rs. 27,000.00
    Montilla Scratching Post
    Rs. 26,000.00
    Madrid Scratching Post
    Rs. 17,000.00
    Filippo Scratching Post
    Rs. 22,000.00
    Climbing Step for Wall Mounting
    Rs. 1,350.00
    Hammock for Walls
    Rs. 1,475.00
    Alicante Scratching Cat Tree
    Rs. 11,000.00
    Samuel 3-Storey Cat Tower
    Rs. 8,700.00
    Lugo Scratching Post
    Rs. 6,750.00
    Altea Scratching Post
    Rs. 6,950.00
    San Fernando Scratching Post
    Rs. 5,500.00
    Inca Scratching Wave on Post
    Rs. 35,000.00
    Espejo Scratching Post
    Rs. 3,000.00
    Parla Scratching Post
    Rs. 2,000.00
    Scratch and Play Tower Track
    Rs. 2,695.00
    Scratching Paw with Post
    Rs. 1,975.00
    Wavy Scratching Wave
    Rs. 1,750.00
    Scratch Me Post
    Rs. 2,150.00
    Easy Life Scratch & Snuggle Hammock
    Rs. 1,825.00
    Scratch and Groom
    Rs. 1,995.00
    Scratch and Rock
    Rs. 1,495.00
    Easy Life Hammock Scratch and Sleep
    Rs. 1,825.00
    Fold Away Tunnel Scratch & Hide
    Rs. 1,695.00
    Mimi Scratching Wave
    Rs. 1,575.00
    Scratching Mat
    Rs. 1,275.00
    Scratching Board for Corners
    Rs. 1,250.00
    Scratching Post
    from Rs. 1,395.00
    Scratching Post on Plate
    Rs. 1,150.00
    Scratching Cardboard with Toys
    Rs. 1,175.00
    Scratching Cardboard with Toys
    Rs. 1,175.00
    Wild Cat Scratching Cardboard
    Rs. 775.00
    Cat Shaped Cat Scratching Board
    Rs. 850.00
    Scratching Board for Corners
    Rs. 1,395.00
    Beige Grey
    Scratching Board Hanging
    from Rs. 775.00
    Scratching Cardboard Lying
    Rs. 450.00
    Playing Tunnel
    from Rs. 895.00
    24 Assortment Mouse House
    Rs. 2,400.00
    Protective Net
    Rs. 2,995.00
    White Grey
    2-Way Cat Flap
    Rs. 1,050.00
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