Collars & Leashes

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    Shop from a wide range of Collars, Leashes & harnesses at Petscura from brands like: Flexi, Ruffwear, Trixie, Smarty pet & many more. 

    28 products
    Black Red
    Trixie Classic Collar
    from Rs. 195.00
    Basil Shock Absorbing Stretch leash
    Rs. 1,050.00
    Orange Green Red
    Basil Rope Leashes
    from Rs. 300.00
    Blue Red Black
    Basil Leashes
    from Rs. 225.00
    Blue Red Black
    Basil Collars
    from Rs. 150.00
    Giant XL Tape
    Rs. 7,350.00
    Yellow Green Orange Pink
    USB Flash Light Ring Collar
    Rs. 1,250.00
    Red Black
    Standard Large Tape
    Rs. 2,375.00
    Red Black
    Standard Cord
    from Rs. 1,200.00
    Red Black
    Fun Tape
    from Rs. 1,350.00
    Blue Green Pink Yellow
    Design Tape
    from Rs. 1,950.00
    Neon Reflect Tape
    from Rs. 2,350.00
    Red Black
    Classic Tape
    from Rs. 1,695.00
    Trixie Long Link Choke Chain
    from Rs. 925.00
    Red Black
    Trixie Chain Leash with Nylon Hand Loop
    from Rs. 595.00
    Trixie Choke Chain
    Rs. 275.00
    Trixie Set of 6 Puppy Collars
    Rs. 600.00
    Graphite Apple
    Trixie Collar with Neckerchief
    from Rs. 425.00
    Trixie Waist Belt with Leash
    Rs. 2,300.00
    Trixie Show Leash
    Rs. 350.00
    Trixie Softline Elegance Collar
    from Rs. 550.00
    Black Red
    Trixie Classic Adjustable Leash , 3 Stage
    from Rs. 425.00
    Black Red Blue
    Trixie Classic Lead, Nylon
    from Rs. 275.00
    Black Red
    Trixie Classic Lead Fully Adjustable
    from Rs. 299.00
    Black Royal Blue Red
    Trixie Premium Stop - The- Pull Collar
    from Rs. 350.00
    Black Red
    Trixie Extra Wide Premium Collar
    from Rs. 1,225.00
    Burgundy Jet Black Royal Blue Fuchsia +6
    Trixie Premium Collar
    from Rs. 249.00
    Burgundy Black Royal Blue Fuchsia +6
    Trixie Premium Leash
    from Rs. 825.00
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