How to make your cat happy

by Akshay Mirchandani

Happiness is contagious, so when your cats are happy, you will probably be your happiest self as well. Have you ever wondered how to make your cats really, really happy? When it comes to their own health and well-being, cats will usually let us know how to give them whatever they need as long as we learn to pay attention to their behaviour and “read” the unique desires of our cats, our best friends. Here is a list of suggestions and tips you can adopt to make your cat happier than ever:

  1. Provide windows, sills, and wood stoves for your cat at home

Cats absolutely love beautiful views, the sun, and the heat. Most cats look out of the windows of their home and follow the progression of the sun, placing their bodies to make the most of sun and heat. Cats will spend all day sitting in a window if there’s an interesting view or sunlight to hold them. Even when the sun is low, if you have a fireplace or a wood stove at home, cats will usually happily assemble around the heat and stay there for hours. Trust us, they are usually the happiest at such times.

  1. Snuggle on the bed with your cat, privately

Cats love to snuggle on the bed with you, alone. You don’t necessarily have to cuddle them or cradle them in your arms while laying down on the bed with your cat as most cats aren’t very accustomed to being cuddled. But, your cat would really love and appreciate you spending some quality time with them, lazing around on the bed and snuggling away, privately.

  1. Provide a form of supervised access to the outside for your cat

Cats do love the outdoors, so you can improvise if you don’t like your cat going out too much. Consider getting a screened porch or an outdoor cat enclosure for your cat so that your cat can enjoy the outdoors but also be safe and supervised easily.  You can also take your cats out for a walks in their strollers as they would love fresh air and experiencing the outside.

  1. Talk to your cat, often. Seriously, we meant it!

There is no scientific proof to this, but cats love being spoken to. And, we don’t mean just in human language. What we mean is if you communicate with your cat in cat sounds, they are likely to respond positively and interact with you in the same sounds. We find that most cats that are happy love communicating with their humans verbally. So, even if you find this silly, try it out, we are sure your cat will be super happy!

  1. Adopt another cat

This depends largely on luck and if you lucky and do it right, your cat would love the company of another cat. If you make them meet with all the right measures, they would get along smoothly. And you wouldn’t have to worry about your cat when you are away as both the cats will have each other to keep each other happy and safe. In such situations, one cat becomes the caretaker and together they will be really happy in your home.

  1. Praise your cat as gloriously as you can and let him soak it up!

We all know our little fur balls can never get enough of us telling them how great and cute they are. Plus, it makes us just as happy to praise our cats. So, appreciate and praise your cat as much as you can and shower them with love to keep them at their happiest.


If we’re happy, good vibes rub off on our cats and they get happy. Share the love — really, what better way is there to spend time with you cat? Please contact us right away for any queries!