Things no one tells you about being a pet parent

by Akshay Mirchandani

Every dog lover and a potential owner has visuals in their head about how would it be to own a dog. They surely might dream out long walks, play time in the park, a wet nose to wake up to and a wagging tail when you’re back home but the reality quite varies.


There is no question that adopting and bringing home a pet is one of the most amazing experiences but here are things that no one tells you about being a dog’s parent.


  • Unplanned long walks

There times when the little one falls sick and has an upset stomach. It is the time when unplanned walks are bound to happen, maybe during the day and maybe in the middle of the night.



  • The dog will teach you behavioral skills

As a new parent, one is sure to engage in some class or group that helps to train the dog to behave well and mannered. These efforts to train the dog is sure to improve one’s behavior and mannerisms as well.



  • Your Dog Will Always Be Ready with a Kiss

Even with the worst morning breaths, a dog is always going to be there, ready to give you a kiss. It doesn’t matter that you have the most offensive stink because they will love a big kiss back anyway. Muah!


  • Your Dog Will Teach You A New Language

Once your dog comes into your home you will learn a new language. A language that is somewhere between baby talk and a free flowing stream-of-conscience that only you and your pup understand.


  • Your Dog Will Define the Word Unconditional

Your dog will love you unconditionally. It wouldn’t matter what your mood is like or the way you look, the dog will love you anyway. For him, you would be the most awesome person ever. No one compares to you and no one ever will.