Pets at workplace: Do’s and Don’ts

by Akshay Mirchandani

With the reasons we earlier offered of how pets change the atmosphere at the workplace, there is also a need to have a do’s and don’ts list handy when you actually decide to let them tag along.


1-     Is the place pet-friendly?

Not all the offices have a culture which is pet-friendly. Assuming something like that is surely going to backfire. Make sure that you check with the members on a higher designation and also seek their approval. Also, make a note of the things that the Human Resources department has included in the policy for dogs at work to avoid any problems.

2-     Are co-workers okay?

Out of basic courtesy, ask your co-workers if they are okay with your pup being around. Just because you love your little one, doesn’t mean that they will too! This is basically because many people around you might have allergies and others might simply be afraid. These reasons can hamper work and affect the quality of work for an entire day. A little communication can go a long way to keep pets and people happy.

3-     Is your pup well-trained?

The last thing you want at your work place is a crazy dog barking and messing everything around. Before you even consider bringing it into a professional setting, ask yourself if you have been able to train it well in order to protect the other pets and co-workers. Make sure your pup responds to your basic commands.

4-     Is it vaccinated?

Make sure your pup is up-to-date with the vaccinations to ensure its safety. This is because at workplaces, there may be objects and toys that the other pets may have played with and it may lead to a transfer of germs and diseases. With this, also make sure it has had the latest dose of dog flea and tick prevention.

5-     Packed the necessary supplies for the day?

It is more important to make the pet feel comfortable in the changed setting. To ensure this, pack all the necessary supplies like fresh water, snacks, toys and a small bed for it to rest on. Don’t forget the dog harness and a leash to take the dog for a potty break.




1-     Leave your dog unattended

Bringing your pup to the workplace doesn’t mean just getting him along and then leaving him unattended. A close watch needs to be kept to read and understand the signs of when he needs to go outside. In case of a meeting, have somebody else watch over him for a little while.

2-     Ill-mannered pets

A professional space is the place where everything needs to be in order. Never decide on bringing along a pet that isn’t friendly and is always growling or aggressive.

3-     Forceful interactions

Sone pets have the tendency to take their own sweet time to get along with strangers. If you bring your pup at work, it is best to refrain from forcing it to be friendly with the people around.

4-     Allowance to stick heads in garbage cans and bags

Garbage cans and sometimes even bags carry hazardous contents that may cause a lot of problems to the overall health of the pup. Keep it away from all these and keep a tighter eye on it.

5-     Ignore signs of stress

You personally may love your pet being at workplace but it is important to be considerate and understand how overwhelming the change of environment would be for it. Pay attention to it and look out for signs of stress. The moment you spot them, do not ignore them and take the pup home. 

Having dogs in the workplace can be a rewarding experience for both humans and canines. Follow the tips above and you’ll ensure that the experience is positive for all.