Fireworks & Anxiety in Pets

by Akshay Mirchandani

India is the country of festivals! With every one of them welcomed and celebrated with the same zeal, excitement and love, these festivals light up our world, bring us all together into one big family!

The celebration of Diwali is upon us and as much as the thought of beautiful diyas lighting up and the colorful crackers bursting in the night sky makes us smile, we are sure that there is not a similar reaction of the same from our pets.

The festival means that fire crackers are inevitable, and stats show that the festivals are the times when the visits to the vets increase. To mean the statement and make sure that everyone has a safe Diwali, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

  • Make sure your pet gets plenty of exercise during the day

Exercise will help in making the pet feel tired and exhausted by the end of the day. A sound sleep in a shut air-conditioned room might help in keeping the little one calm and far less anxious than it otherwise would.


  • Play

When it is evening and the fire crackers are to make a lot of noise, you can busy your little one by engaging it in a game or any other kind of a play. This not only distracts them but is also an amazing option to bond with them.






  • Quieten the vibrations

Another thing that makes the pets more anxious are the vibrations due to the loud noises. Quieten them by placing cushions and blankets on the floor.


  • Let them be!

Pets tend to find a corner when they are scared. It is best to not force them to leave their hiding place and to not punish them for their behavior. Anxiety does hamper them from being calm but when that time comes, they need to be handled with care. Understand them and give them the space and time to feel better and come out.


  • Pick a sedative

Vets usually prescribe sedatives so that the pet doesn’t get scared and hyperventilate. There are chances of the pet getting sick or hurting itself when anxiety strokes and to avoid such kind of situations, a sedative might just work the best.

Sedatives are not harmful for the body and carry almost nil side effects when consumed at low levels. Following the details mentioned by the vet would work best to avoid negatives.