Making your dog exercise

by Akshay Mirchandani

You must think that walking is what you are supposed to do with a dog, right? Well, yes, but there's a lot more of what dogs and humans can do together for fun and physical conditioning and exercising. So if you and your little buddy are getting a little bored with the same activities day after day, and walking on the same route every day, here are some suggestions to shake up your exercise routine:

  1. Follow your dog

Try this stunt for your daily walks for a while. Instead of walking your dog, let your dog walk you. Wherever he goes, you go. Think of your dog as a four-legged, furry, adorable, walking GPS that isn't letting you know where your final destination will be! You'll be amazed where his curious nose will take the two of you and what adventures you two may embark upon.

2. Flyball

In this high-energy, competitive sport, dogs are trained to be part of teams and the rules of the game are similar to a human relay race. Dogs race down a course, which usually includes 4 hurdles. The goal is to be the fastest team without penalties. It is a super exciting way to train your dog, exercise with him and to spend more time with him.

3. Agility

If your little one has a lot of energy or fat to burn off, find an agility group or class near your home. This high-energy, running and jumping competitive sport is not only great for exercise, but it also develops confidence and new skills in your dog.

4. Tracking

This is a competitive event for dogs and their humans where a scent trail is laid out hours before the competition begins. Once the trail has "aged" enough, dogs along with the encouragement of their best friends, begin the work of finding an object at the end of the trail. This is an amazing way to bond with your dog while making him exercise during the training process.

5. Fetch

A nice and easy game of fetch can be all that is required for your dog's daily exercise fix. Fetch is easy to squeeze into your busy schedule too, as there is no need to travel far to fit in a game. A nearby garden or a backyard works great. And on rainy days, especially during monsoon, fetch can be an indoor sport, played from the comfort of your couch at home!

6. Playing with other dogs

The best form of exercise for any dog are the activities he would naturally do. For dogs, playing with other dogs fits that definition. So, arrange a few play dates with other dogs and let the two burn off that extra fat and energy by playing with each other.

7. Exercise your dog’s brain

It isn’t just physical exercise that is important. You need to exercise your dog’s brain constantly as well. Find some silly, fun behaviour to teach your dog, like high fiving or bowing on command or go for more advanced behaviours such as emergency down or command by hand signals in order to maintain the efficiency of their brain.

8 .Swimming

With the heat rising in summers, all dogs want to do is keep cool. If you have access to a swimming pool, take your buddy along with you for a dip. With some assistance and your help, your dog would enjoy the cool water while also making sure he gets his daily exercise in.

Taking your daily walk and following the same path every day isn't such a bad idea as most dogs like routine and continuity, but mixing it with some new ways to work off those extra pounds and energy and just enjoying each other will open up new opportunities to expand skills, become more confident and just have fun – for you and your best friend. Contact us for any queries right away!