How to keep your dog entertained while you are at work

by Akshay Mirchandani

Normally, when you take your dog for a good, long walk in the morning, he will generally sleep well during the day and his mind will be thinking about all those amazing smells and little doggy conversations that he had while he was on his morning walk. But, in case you are worried that he will get bored while you leave him to go work at your office, you can prepare your dog for the day ahead. Here are some ideas to keep you dogs entertained while you are away at work:

  1. Interactive toys for your dog

These toys do not have to be expensive or extra! Aim to get a toy that creates a challenge for your dog and your dog ends up not just having fun with their toys, but also learning some new skills. Some dogs are smarter than others, but most interactive toys will allow you to make it harder for experienced or smarter dogs. So, invest in some good interactive toys to keep your dog busy and entertained.

  1. Chews, Fill toys and Kongs

Kongs are the one of the most popular toys that you can leave out for do​g and there is a reason why. Kongs really are a great way to keep your dog busy and entertained. You can fill the Kong or another similar toy with some peanut butter or another one of your dog’s favourite sticky food and leave it out just before you leave for work. You dog will love you and be so happy even though he will be home by himself.

  1. Hide tasty treats around your house

You could play a little game of hide and seek for your dog while you’re away. You can hide a few tasty treats around your house or in your back yard if you have one, Make sure to not let your dog see where you put the treats. For treats, you can use dog biscuits, fill toys, or some healthier options like carrots. Your dog is going to end up having so much fun while you’re away, like he is on his own little adventure!

  1. Open windows or a peek holes in your yard fence

Your dog can get happy and excited​ by just watching and observing whatever is going on around your neighbourhood and his surroundings. So, what you can do is open the windows of your house so that your dog can see cars drive by, birds flying around and all the comings and goings of your neighbourhood. If you happen to have solid fencing or gates around hour house or backyard, you may consider a peek hole so that your dog can see out and stay entertained while you are away.

  1. Turn on the TV or radio before you leave

Turning on the radio or television at home before you leave will provide your dog with some background voices to get your dog listening and thinking about the sounds and keep him thoroughly entertained. It can also help to soothe and calm your dog if your dog tends to be a little anxious or uptight or if he has separation anxiety. Choose some easy-on-the-ears or classical music to calm your dog and provide a relaxing environment for him at home.

  1. Rotate your dog's toys and give him a different one everyday

If you love pampering your dog, your dog definitely has more toys than a pet store.​ Rather than put them all out at once, you should only put out a few and rotate the toys every day or two. This will keep your dog interested and intrigued in the toys for longer and get excited when the new toys come out and make sure he is busy while you are away!

Try to spend as much time as you can with your dog each day when you are at home and think about your dog before you go out. Make sure that your dog has enough food, water, toys and has had some good exercise or even a quick walk to relieve that pent up energy. A happy and healthy dog is all that anyone could ever want. Contact us for any queries right away!