Bizzare Facts about dogs

by Akshay Mirchandani

Most dog owners and dog lovers will tell you that dogs are incredible creatures, but, while we drool and gush over their cuteness, we tend to overlook a few fascinating things about them. Here’s a list of the most amazing, bizarre things you need to know about dogs:

  1. Dogs are as smart as a 2 year old human baby.

According to Live Science and a language development test, dogs have the intelligence of a 2 year old child. Most dogs can learn up to 165 words and some of the smarter breeds can even learn 250 words.

2. Dogs can smell Cancer and Diabetes.

During multiple studies, dogs have been intriguingly accurate in detecting cancer in breath and urine samples. They’ve also been able to detect low blood sugar in humans!

3. A dog's whiskers help it see in the dark.

A dog’s whiskers act as receptors to information such as the height, shape, and speed of nearby objects which allows them to “see” in the dark.

4.A dog's bad breath might be a sign of poor health.

A dog’s bad breath might be the result of periodontal disease, diabetes, respiratory problems, gastrointestinal problems, or something else entirely. So, make sure you visit the vet if you notice anything different.

5. A dog's nose print is unique.

Much like human fingerprints, the lines of a dog’s nose are unique and help in identifying individual dogs from each other.

6. Dogs can sense storms coming before they even happen.

Dogs are capable of sensing the barometric pressure drop and observing a shift in the static electricity field, which lets then know when a storm is on its way. Dogs can also hear sounds of thunder before humans hear them.

7. Dogs sweat through their paws.

On hot days, we will find dogs regularly opening their mouths and panting to cool themselves down. However, the only sweat glands they have is actually in their paws!

8. Dogs can smell feelings.

Because of the strong sense of smell, a dog can detect when we’re afraid or anxious. When we get anxious, we perspire lightly. We can’t see it or smell it, but a dog can, telling them how we’re feeling. No wonder, they truly are our best friends!

9. Dogs dream just like humans.

Dogs have dreams just like we do when we go to sleep. And, it is one of the cutest things to observe as they sometimes kick in their sleep.

10. Dogs have three eyelids.

Like humans, dogs have both an upper and lower eyelid but they’ve also got a third one, which clears debris and mucus and produces tears.

Who would’ve thought our furry best friends could be more interesting than they already are? For more information on your adorable one, stay tuned for more!