5 Reasons to Dress up your Pet

by Akshay Mirchandani

We all love to dress up to look our best. Don’t you just agree that your outfits reflect your personality and who you are? We sure do! So let your fluffy one be smart, sassy, flirtatious or the sweetest, dress ‘em up to flaunt that personality!

Keep scrolling to read the reasons why you need to dress up your cutest pal!

  • Fam on the cam

Stop hunting for some activities to bond with your pet when it is as easy as playing dress up with them! Imagine the fun you’re going to steal while doing it and having a folder of images on your phone with your fam on the cam. 

  • Brrrrr Brrrr!

Stop saying they have an added advantage with their soft fur! Bring home cute tees for your pets to keep them from feeling cold and making them look cooler than the weather has proved it to be.

  • Awesome dress or a new chew toy, it is a win-win

Anything new that you get for you pup is someday going to turn into their favorite chew toy. If not a flaunting look, it will surely prove useful in some way or the other (seriously)


  • Welcome to the “we love attention” club

There has never been that one pet who does not like the attention of its parents or people visiting their home (or omg, both!). Dressing them up is just going to keep them the center of attraction (just how they like it). So welcome your Diva slash Casanova to your party with a little color.


  • Because you’d never help but shop

Looking at the cutest clothes and socks, you know you would never help but imagine your furry one rocking it like a boss. So why spend time arguing in your mind and just dress ‘em up now!