The most bizarre facts about cats

by Akshay Mirchandani

While cats are clearly super adorable, they can also be kind of bizarre. From their silly antics to their psychotic serial killer inclinations, they’ve earned the unique capability to charm us and mystify us at the same time. But it’s the bizarre things that they do which set them apart from the rest of the pets in the animal kingdom, fascinating us each and every day! Here are a few of them:

  1. Cats train humans more than humans train cats.

A study has recently shown that cats use meowing and purring sounds to get their way with humans. It has been found that one particular sound that cats make, mimicked the same frequency as a baby, indicating that cats were trying to cash in on a human’s natural response to nurture a baby’s cry!

2. Purring is a possibly a method of self-healing.

Purring in cats can mean a whole lot of different things. Researchers recently discovered that a cat’s purr has a frequency between 25 to 150 Hertz, which is the same frequency at which bones and muscles repair themselves. It is speculated that a cat’s purr can be a type of self-healing.

 3. Cats can hydrate on salt water.

A cat’s kidneys are so efficient that they can filter out the salt and use the water for hydration. If there’s one thing to be jealous about cats other than their cuteness, this definitely ranks at the top!

4. A cat's whiskers act as feeling receptors.

A cat’s whiskers aren’t like human hairs at all. These whiskers tie in directly to a cat’s muscular and nervous system, giving them all the information about the world around them. If you trim your cat’s whiskers, your cat could become seriously disoriented and frightened, so please avoid this at all cost.

5. Cats seriously love to sleep.

In order to maintain proper energy levels while they’re on the hunt, most cats need to sleep a lot in the day. They usually spend about 13 to 16 hours a day sleeping which is almost 70% of their whole lives!

6. Cats lick themselves to remove your scent.

Cats tend to groom themselves for various reasons, but you might have noticed right after you pet them and put them down, they immediately lick the same spot you petted. As you might have guessed, they do this to remove your scent and even own their own scent.


7. Cats sweat through their paws.

One way a cat cools down when it is feeling too hot is by sweating through its paws. To keep cool, they also will try to lay in the shade and lick their fur when they’re too hot. So, make sure you try your best to keep your cat’s body temperature low, especially during summer.

8. A cat's nose print is totally unique.

Exactly like human fingerprints, every cat’s nose print is unique. But it’s unlikely they could be used as a way to identify them obviously, considering the difficulty of inking them.

9. Cats always land on their feet.

Cats have an apparatus in their ear which gives them the ability to know right side up. While they’re in the air if they ever fall, they shift the top part of their body one way and the lower part the other to force their entire body in a good landing position. On top of that, they can arch their back and use their body as an umbrella to slow their fall! Such ninja-like creatures!

10. Cats can't taste sweetness.

You might love to indulge in sweets, but your fluffy friend, unfortunately, can’t do the same. The ability to taste sweets is based on a particular gene and mutations of this gene remove the ability for certain mammals like cats to enjoy sweets.


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