Summer grooming tips for your cat

by Akshay Mirchandani

With temperatures rising this summer, we need to take extra special care of our cats and their grooming needs. Apart from giving them plenty of water and shade, here are a few grooming tips you can follow to keep them healthy, this season:

  1. Shave

A cat’s coat provides them with the natural ability to regulate body temperature. However, if your cat’s coat is long or dense, you can consider shaving it. But, keep in mind that sometimes the cat’s coat doesn’t grow back the same as before, and can sometimes be thinner. Ask the vet for extra advice on this, depending on the breed of your cat.

2.Trim Pad Hair

We are sure you see cat litter all over your house. A way to reduce this while also maintaining the hygiene of your cat is by keeping the pad hair trimmed. Use a clipper to skim across the sensitive paw pads and avoid getting between the pads.

3.Short Toenails

It is important for you to know that your cat should be walking on his paw pads and not the toenails. Walking on toenails increases the cat’s chances of an injury and can also cause premature arthritis in the joints. So, all you have to do is use a nail clipper and clip your cat’s nails every 1 to 3 weeks. Please do not try to file your cat’s nails because we really can’t predict what the reaction will be.

4.Ear Care

It is common for debris to enter and accumulate in your cat’s ears frequently due to the ears’ shape. Therefore, ideally, you should wipe their ears with some ear solution using a cotton ball as far down as you can see, once a week. This will ensure your cat avoids any ear mites or infections.


For all cat related queries and grooming questions, ask us right away! And make sure the little kitty stays healthy throughout summer. Follow our articles to know more!